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TOEIC Part5の英文法に関する問題集です。1日1問ペースでTwitter配信もしており、こちらも随時更新しています。







Grammar Question No.1

Neither the chairman could attend the banquet in the evening,(          ) the committee decided to postpone it to the following evening.

1) nor
2) that
3) which
4) so

Grammar Question No.2

Mr. Hill emailed the store to inquire if they had (          ) shipped his order, which he was anxious to receive.

1) earlier
2) usually
3) still
4) already

Grammar Question No.3

At Dunn’s Home Supplies, we pride (          ) on the high quality services to customers

1) us
2) ours
3) ourselves
4) itself

Grammar Question No.4

Sam and Jo have similar backgrounds (          ) they attended the same university and both earned MBA.

1) in that
2) unless
3) due to
4) while

Grammar Question No.5

By the time she retires next year, Donna will (          ) with the factory for 45 years.

1) will be
2) has been
3) will have been
4) would be

Grammar Question No.6

Pam is unable to attend the meeting, as it (          ) with an appointment with her client.

1) coincide
2) coincides
3) coincided
4) was coinciding

Grammar Question No.7

Cooper Chemicals normally hires (          ) five to ten scientists per year to work in their laboratories.

1) among
2) from
3) for
4) over

Grammar Question No.8

(          ) delivering letters, carriers at the post office assume a variety of duties.

1) Along
2) Other
3) Besides
4) Apart

Grammar Question No.9

(          ) all employees complete the e-learning on work ethics even though they have taken it last year?

1) Do
2) Had
3) Have
4) Need

Grammar Question No.10

(          ) the occasional mistakes she makes on documents, we plan to continue hiring her as our assistant.

1) Despite
2) Whether
3) Though
4) Regardless

Grammar Question No.11

The manager is preparing paperwork, assuming that the clients have not changed (          ) minds.

1) themselves
2) their
3) they
4) theirs

Grammar Question No.12

If I (          ) in her situation, I would seek some advice from my colleagues.

1) was
2) were
3) would be
4) have been

Grammar Question No.13

Alva Motors will proudly (          ) a new line-up of affordable electric cars next month.

1) announce
2) announces
3) announcingr

Grammar Question No.14

His seminars are designed to show attendees (          ) to set up the most effective business strategies.

1) whom
2) who
3) how
4) what

Grammar Question No.15

The lunch menus of Al’s Steak House are just as inexpensive as they are of any (          ) restaurants in the mall.

1) other
2) another
3) all
4) many

Grammar Question No.16

Heather will be the first female administrator to step forward and (          ) for the position.

1) apply
2) applies
3) applied
4) applying

Grammar Question No.17

Mr. Ellis was (          ) admired by a lot of people for his dedication to the community.

1) such
2) much
3) every
4) many

Grammar Question No.18

The rule requires that all bicycles belonging to the employees (          ) in the area behind the building.

1) be parked
2) parks
3) parking
4) have parked

Grammar Question No.19

Nathan had to have his sister (          ) to the store to retrieve the hat he had inadvertently left there.

1) run
2) running
3) to run
4) runs

Grammar Question No.20

It is essential that everyone (          ) the confidentiality of documents which include personal information.

1) understand
2) understands
3) understood
4) understanding


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