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Part of Speech Question No.1

It has always been made sure that the accomplishments of (    ) employees are evaluated equally.

1) individual
2) individuals
3) individually
4) individualize

Part of Speech Question No.2

Team members will be expected to meet (                ) until the project reaches the final stage.

1) period
2) periodic
3) periodical
4) periodically

Part of Speech Question No.3

For over a decade, AAAirways has been the (    ) airline for both domestic and international travelers .

1) preferring
2) preferred
3) preference
4) preferably

Part of Speech Question No.4

Although we understand it is (    ) to rely on the newly introduced technology, we decide to give it a try.

1) risk
2) risking
3) risky
4) risked

Part of Speech Question No.5

Sara delivered the message to Mr. Finn without (               ) their ongoing discussion at the table.

1) disruptive
2) disrupting
3) disrupted
4) disruption

Part of Speech Question No.6

Out of (          )  for the environment, retailers started to charge for shopping bags to reduce plastic waste.

1) concerned
2) concerningly
3) concerning
4) concern

Part of Speech Question No.7

Reduction of motivation is one of the most (          ) side effects found in the recent research.

1) strikingly
2) strike
3) striker
4) striking

Part of Speech Question No.8

The photographer had precisely captured (             ) moments at the ceremony.

1) memory
2) memorable
3) memorizing
4) memorized

Part of Speech Question No.9

In  (             )  to the desired period you state on the proposal, please notify up to three alternative dates.

1) add
2) added
3) adding
4) addition

Part of Speech Question No.10

If tax rate is raised ( ), it will put tremendous pressure on low income households.

1) signify
2) significant
3) significantly
4) significance

Part of Speech Question No.11

Tom decided to pay tax in Canada by ( ) the tax treaty application.

1) submit
2) submitted
3) submittion
4) submitting

Part of Speech Question No.12

If I remember ( ), I had encountered the same problem previously.

1) correct
2) correctly
3) correction
4) correcting

Part of Speech Question No.13

It is observed that the second wave of virus cases has been ( ) off in the last few weeks.

1) tail
2) tails
3) tailed
4) tailing

Part of Speech Question No.14

After the hurricane, a local restaurant offered free lunches to families in ( ) of a hot meal.

1) need
2) needed
3) necessity
4) necessary

Part of Speech Question No.15

Poor ( ) of customers’ complaints may cause serious damage to the company’s reputation.

1) handle
2) handles
3) handling
4) handled

Part of Speech Question No.16

The project turned to be much more effective with a slightly ( ) version of the initial plan.

1) modify
2) modifier
3) modified
4) modification

Part of Speech Question No.17

A ( ) wearing of masks is one of the most essential measures to prevent the infection upsurge.

1) universe
2) universal
3) university
4) universally

Part of Speech Question No.18

You need to turn in all the receipts and ticket stubs to have your travel expenses ( ).

1) reimburse
2) reimbursed
3) reimbursing
4) reimbursement

Part of Speech Question No.19

The researchers on the project have ( ) been concentrated on gathering reliable data for the past two years,.

1) primer
2) primary
3) primarily
4) primaries

Part of Speech Question No.20

Lyla was afraid she might be charged a penalty for moving out of her flat without giving her landlord one month’s ( )
1) notice
2) notices
3) noticed
4) noticing


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